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Top 10 immigrant groups in Germany

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Here is some more on population in Germany as promised.

As of 2008, about 19% of the people living in Germany had an immigrant background – this means that either they themselves or at least one of their parents moved to the country from abroad. Numbers are regardless of whether they have German citizenship or not.

These are the top 10 countries:

1. Turkey

2,520,000 living in Germany

2. Italy

776,000 living in Germany

3. Poland

687,000 living in Germany

4. Russia

519,000 living in Germany

5. Serbia and Montenegro

445,000 living in Germany

6. Greece

380,000 living in Germany

7. Croatia

373,000 living in Germany

8. Bosnia and Herzegovina

275,000 living in Germany

9. Romania

214,000 living in Germany

10. Ukraine

204,000 living in Germany

Source: Federal Statistical Office

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