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Popular German dishes: Spätzle

Spätzle, in this case Käsespätzle (with cheese) are a popular German noodle dish

Spätzle is a type of soft egg noodle that is a staple in German cuisine, particularly in the southern regions of Germany. It is also popular in Austria and Switzerland. Spätzle are small, irregularly shaped dumplings or noodles that have a chewy texture.

Traditionally, Spätzle is made from a simple batter consisting of eggs, flour, and water or milk. The batter is relatively wet and sticky. It is typically formed by scraping small pieces of the dough into boiling water using a special Spätzle press or a colander with large holes. As the dough hits the boiling water, it cooks and forms irregularly shaped noodles.

Once the Spätzle rise to the surface of the boiling water, they are typically removed with a slotted spoon or a skimmer and immediately plunged into cold water to stop the cooking process. This helps maintain their chewy texture. Afterward, the Spätzle can be briefly sautéed in butter or oil to add flavor and a touch of crispness.

Spätzle is a versatile dish and can be served in various ways. It is commonly served as a side dish to accompany meat dishes, such as roasted meats or stews. It is also delicious when tossed with melted butter and topped with grated cheese, such as Emmental or Gruyère, to create Käsespätzle (cheese Spätzle). Another popular preparation is to incorporate Spätzle into hearty casseroles or mix it with sauces and vegetables.

Overall, Spätzle is a beloved comfort food in Germany and neighboring countries, known for its unique texture and ability to complement a wide range of dishes.

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