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Easter in Germany

Cute bunnies, Easter in Germany

Easter is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Germany, and it involves a variety of traditions and customs. Here’s a closer look at how Easter is celebrated in Germany:

  1. Easter Eggs and Egg Decorating: Like in many countries, Easter eggs play a significant role in German Easter celebrations. Hard-boiled eggs are often painted, dyed, or decorated with intricate or cute designs.
  2. Easter Egg Hunts: Children in Germany participate in Easter egg hunts, known as “Ostereiersuche.” Parents hide chocolate eggs, candy, and small gifts in the house or garden, and children search for them joyfully.
  3. Easter Trees: In some regions of Germany, it is common to decorate trees and bushes with colorful Easter eggs. These trees, known as “Osterbaum,” are adorned with hanging eggs, ribbons, and other ornaments. They serve as a cheerful symbol of Easter.
  4. Easter Fire: Easter Sunday or Easter Monday is often marked by the lighting of bonfires in certain regions of Germany. These Easter fires, known as “Osterfeuer,” are held in open spaces and parks. They are meant to symbolize the end of winter and the arrival of spring.
  5. Easter Brunch and Meals: Easter is typically a time for families to gather and share a festive meal. Brunches with a variety of traditional dishes such as boiled eggs, Easter lamb, roast ham, and special Easter bread called “Osterzopf” are common. Regional specialties like “Osterlamm” (Easter lamb-shaped cake) and “Ostereierkuchen” (Easter egg-shaped cake) are also enjoyed.
  6. Easter Markets: Many cities and towns in Germany host Easter markets, known as Ostermärkte. These markets, similar to fairs, feature stalls selling Easter decorations, crafts, and regional food specialties. It’s a popular tradition for families to visit these markets.
  7. Easter Walks: It is common for families and friends to take leisurely walks in nature during the Easter holidays. Spring is in full bloom, and the walks provide an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, observe the blossoming flowers, and appreciate the beauty of the season.

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