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Winter in Germany

Winter has taken quite a strong grip on Germany over the past weeks and I just wanted to share a few pictures. There has been lots of snow, especially the last few days – more snow shovelling than I like.

The harsh weather conditions have been hard on the traffic as well, with lots of delays and cancelled flights at the airports, late trains and busses. The streets around here still full of snow, because most of the cities have already run out of salt and subsequent deliveries are taking a long time, because there is so much demand.

Anyways, here are the pictures:

winter in germany 1

This is the backyard, notice the snow on the railing ;)

winter in germany 2

The main road looked pretty grim when I took the picture, now the sun has come out.

winter in germany 3

ok, I have to admit, winter can be pretty as well

Seems like there is a good chance for a white Christmas!

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  1. Laede says

    Olá, gostei do seu blog, sou descendente de alemães, já fui à Alemanha algumas vezes, e pretendo voltar em breve. Boas dicas nunca são demais, porque eu acho a Alemanha linda e tudo que puder conhecer melhor!

    Um abraço,

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