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Germany: 12 points

Lena Meyer Landrut

So Lena really pulled it off and won the Eurovision Song Contest 2010! I don’t think many people expected this but in the end she was quite ahead of the other participants with 246 points. Turkey’s punk-rock band maNga came in second with 170 points and Romania’s double-piano piece came in third with 162 points.

And, here are Lena’s winning performance SatellitemaNga’s performance We Could Be The Same and Paula Seling & Ovi from Romania with their track Playing With Fire.

I don’t recommend reading the comments on YouTube like I just did. As with any topic, discussions quickly turn into politics or simply cursing each other. All of the sudden it’s the marketing, the jury system or whatever that has made the winner and not the performance. And suddenly the other performances were soo much better. Truth be told, I thought her performance was at least the most energetic while a lot of the others were (again) really boring with the same ideas used over and over again.

And to me it’s pointless to even argue about taste in music and, seriously. it’s not like Eurovision is that much about great music anyways. Lena was just the right person at the right time. What will work one year, will most likely no work the next. So let’s be happy for Lena and Germany’s first win since 1982! Eurovision 2011 will be held in Berlin.

Another hilarious incident occurred during Spain’s performance, which was only the second song to be played, when a fan jumped on stage and for a few seconds joined the performance. Because they were allegedly disturbed by the fan, Spain was allowed to perform again after all countries had finished and the collecting of the votes began.

Again, congratulations Lena, and see for the Eurovision 2011 in Berlin!

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