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Eurovision Song Contest 2010

Tomorrow will bring the Eurovision Song Contest final and with that Europe’s wackiest TV event of the year. 25 singers from 25 European countries will be competing for the title in Oslo. There were two semi-finals already, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday, which melted down the competition from 39 to 25.

Four countries (France, Germany, Spain and the UK) are always set to participate in the final because they provide the largest amount of funds for the event. The host (Norway this year) is also set. For Germany this is a good thing, because over the last few years we had dreadful performances.

This year’s participant for Germany is Lena Meyer-Landrut. I talked about her two months ago and dubbed her “Germany’s latest celebrity”. She has maintained that status since and her name has been all over the news ever since.

There has been so much talk about her in fact that I have the impression that many people are starting to get sick of it. And that at least some of the initial excitement and enthusiasm has made way to exhaustion of talk about her.

Still, she has plenty of fans and enthusiasts of course, and she is the best participant we’ve had for years, most people can agree on that. If she can win is an entirely different matter, but I think a place among the top 10 would be quite a success in itself, considering the last years anyways.

I’ll let you know how it went and who won on Sunday!

If you want to listen to the songs or read more about the competition, there is quite a lot of information on the Official Eurovision web page at

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