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Hurray, this blog is hosted climate neutrally

To be honest I’m not a huge fan of the entire go green wave that’s been going on over the past few years. I’m all for environmental protection, don’t get me wrong. I even think protecting natural habitats and discovering alternative energy sources is the major challenge of our time. Even more so for a heavily industrialized country like Germany.

What annoys me, though, are all those supposedly green products and services that are spawning all over the place – green air traffic, hybrid cars, food that is called organic but really is not… it all sounds nice but in most cases it’s more of a PR stunt than anything else.

And because green products are generally more expensive than those dirty regular products, buyers feel the extra money is going into making this planet a cleaner place. When what it really is, is shifting corporate responsibility unto the customers and ripping people off by making them feel good about themselves – more green in many cases also means more profit.

Supporting non-profit environmental organizations, living responsibly as an individual, and putting more pressure on politics to encourage sustainability, all do much more good in protecting the environment.

What got me started on this? When I registered the web space for this blog, I received an e-mail, encouraging me to put up the badge which you can see here. The entire company works climate neutrally, which means that CO2 emissions, produced by powering the servers for example, are balanced by investing in climate protection projects.

Makes more sense to me than a green label on a candle I buy. So here’s the badge, whatever good it may do.

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