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Who is Jogi Löw?

You might have never heard his name, but I bet 95% of all Germans know who he is.

Why? Because Jogi Löw is the coach of the German national soccer team. And because most Germans are quite fond of our national soccer team and everything that has to do with it, the actions of its coach are of importance as well. And the subject of much analysis, criticism and talk, of course.

Löw has been coach of the German team since 2006 and successfully lead Germany into the Euro 2008 finale. He will also be coaching the team for the upcoming in South Africa (kickoff is June 11th).

His real first name is Joachim by the way, Jogi is just his nickname. His last name, Löw, is a short version for Löwe, which means lion. He is a fairly tame lion, though, and known for his cool temper.

I’ll be giving you more on soccer once the World Cup begins, because it will be a huge topic in Germany, that’s for sure.

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